Naïmah Muhammad

"Being a DC native, I've found the environment here to be a unique mix of urban and suburban, and I'm starting to see more and more how that reflects in me. It's in my music ( through the mix of organic and electronic elements, and in my fashion of mixing softer elements -- loose and light clothing, with hard, edgy items. I guess that's pretty evident in this outfit, a bit of the ethereal, outdoor vibes of this floral dress mixed combined with these tough, city-walking boots."

Vintage floral 90's dress by April Cornell, purchased at Eastern Market, Turquoise and gold ring from my great grandmother, turquoise and silver ring from Brooklyn flea market, stone sourced from New Mexico. Aldo boots, "Yes" ring  from Mary Meyer Clothing and arrow and crystal diamond ring from Urban Outfitters. other rings gifts from family.